icon sports

  • Understated and subtle design.
  • 10 varying items designed to meet your needs.
  • Over 300 possible colourways to fit your organisation.
  • Sizes available from Age 2 Years to 7 XL including Ladies fit.

Designed for teams that appreciate the art of subtlety, each piece in this collection boasts a discreet yet impactful design, seamlessly representing the colours of your team. With 10 thoughtfully crafted items, Enigma stands as a testament to the notion that simplicity can make a profound statement. 

Our team at ICON understands the power of details, and that's why our range features meticulously chosen elements that subtly bring out the essence of your team's colours. From jerseys to warm-up gear, every item in the Enigma collection is a canvas of understated design, allowing your team's colours to shine through effortlessly. 

Enigma is more than just teamwear; it's a celebration of unity, where the quiet strength of your team is reflected in the carefully curated details of each garment. Elevate your team's presence with Enigma and embrace a style that speaks volumes through the art of subtlety. Because sometimes, it's the quiet confidence that makes the boldest statement. 


In the world of sports, true champions understand that every detail counts. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the Enigma Sports Teamwear Range by ICON Sports UK – the secret to reaching your full potential on and off the field. With a versatile selection of 10 meticulously crafted sportswear items, the Enigma range is your key to unlocking excellence.

Performance Perfected
At ICON Sports UK, we're committed to helping athletes of all levels achieve peak performance. Our Enigma collection is a testament to this dedication. Each item in this range is meticulously designed to provide the performance edge you need to dominate your sport.

Unmatched Comfort and Agility
We know that discomfort can be the enemy of peak performance. With Enigma, you don't have to compromise. Our sportswear is engineered for ultimate comfort and agility, allowing you to move with ease and confidence. Whether you're on the football field, basketball court, or running track, our gear will empower you to excel.

Unleash Your Style
Sport isn't just about winning; it's about making a statement. The Enigma Teamwear Family Range combines functionality with style. We offer a variety of designs and colour options, allowing you to create a unique identity for your team. Stand out and make your mark in gear that embodies your spirit and passion for the game.

Built to Last
Investing in quality sportswear is investing in your success. ICON takes durability seriously. Our Enigma series is built to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions and high stakes matches. Trust in your gear to endure season after season.

The Enigma Teamwear Range represents our commitment to excellence in quality and style. Don't miss the opportunity to take your game to the next level. Enquire now and unlock your potential with ICON Enigma Teamwear!