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Signature Reserve Batting Pads




The Icon Signature  Reserve Batting Pads are our top of the range international specification pads.

Designed in conjunction with our first class players and made to their exact specification. With minimal labelling in line with first class playing regulations and in the Reserve colour way this pad is uncompromising in every aspect.

Features include:

  • Super Lightweight
  • Standard 8 cane with 3 piece knee roll
  • High protection
  • re-enforced ankle area
  • Professional pad
  • Signature design

Standard 8 cane with 3 piece knee roll. These pads ooze class and mould seamless design and high protection in one great pair of cricket pads. The advanced knee bolster keeps the pad firmly in place and along with the ankle, calf and thigh Velcro straps it ensures optimal protection. A well fitted pad can provide optimal protection. The re-enforced ankle area ensures that the pad does not fray in a usually vulnerable area. These pads are suited to the very top level of cricket!