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20 x 25kg bags of 70/30 Top Dressing. Application Rate: 2-4 kg per square metre. 


70 / 30 sterilised top dressing is specifically blended for fine turf applications.

  • Produced to a consistent mixture to ensure reliable results are achieved.
  • A dependable free draining specification, see typical particle analysis below.
  • Easy to apply with a moisture content in the range of 1-2% w/w

70 / 30 sterilised top dressing is ideal for use on fine turf areas and high quality lawns. It consists of a sand/soil blend that has passed through a steriliser unit and then over a 3mm screen in order to produce a pebble and stone free product.

This type of material is an ideal combination for applying to fine turf surfaces, such as golf or bowling greens, and will improve high quality lawns and other turf surfaces. 70/30 Top Dressing can be used to improve the soil structure when carrying out routine maintenance such as aeration, as well as remediation in creating a true and level surface.

This item will be delivered to the kerbside by a vehicle with a hydraulic tail lift and manual pallet truck.

The positioning of your goods is at the discretion of the driver. The unloading surface must be smooth and level i.e not sloped, gravel or grass. If a delivery cannot be made we will have to make an Abandoned Delivery Charge to cover the high costs of returning the goods back to us.